Zuma Boom

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Play free game online Zuma boom at candycrushsoda.co! It haves 15 levels, each with a new layout. Tip: You can shoot bubbles out of the playing field if you can't do anything with it. The game Zuma Boom was a ton of fun! This simple and addicting online game has a bubble shooter style of gameplay. A line of vibrant orbs moves in a snake-like manner toward a void in the center of your screen. If an orb reaches the hole, you lose a life immediately! This makes it crucial that you do everything to stop the line of orbs from getting to the hole. How do you do this? Well, you are in control of a bubble shooter that shoots out brightly-colored orbs one at a time. You can aim and shoot it anywhere you want along the moving line of orbs. If you make a group of three or more of the same color orbs, they pop and disappear! This game keeps you sharp and on your toes because you need to quickly decide where the best spot for your orb would be so you can pop the most orbs and prevent losing the game! Killer accuracy is needed when you aim for the orbs. There are special time-freezing orbs and if you make a matching group with one of those, then the moving snake line stops completely, giving you extra time to pop those pesky orbs at the back of the line. As I progressed in the game, the levels got a lot harder as the line of orbs moved even quicker to the center. Practice your aim and beat the clock with Zuma Boom!